Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1986 - Ten Favorite Films

This must have been a pretty good year since Rodney Dangerfield's masterpiece Back to School didn't even make this list. It's my honorary number 11.

AliensI'll never forget how unbearably suspenseful this was first time I saw it in the theater. I went back the next night to see it again.

Blue VelvetA surreal exploration of mystery. Unforgettable.

The Color of MoneyA movie with flaws but I love its first half as much as I love any Scorsese film. And the opening scene is one of the best scenes that Thelma Schoonmaker ever edited and that is saying a lot.

Down by LawJim Jarmusch's minimalist prison break film. Sad, funny and beautiful to look at, despite the presence of Roberto Benigni.

The FlyHands down my favorite Cronenberg movie. Romantic, funny, scary, tragic and disgusting.

Hannah and Her SistersWoody Allen's best eighties film. He creates a varied, fascinating extended family. And he articulates my religious philosophy--it's all about the Marx Brothers.

ManhunterIt's a toss-up for me as to who was a better Hannibal Lecter--Brian Cox in this, or Anthony Hopkins. This is the best Robert Harris film most people haven't seen.

Mona LisaTragic tale of a low-level gangster who falls in love with a prostitute. Should be a classic.

PlatoonIn general, I'm not a huge fan of Oliver Stone's over-the-top films, but this one worked for me.

Something WildA brilliant exploration of what it means to let loose. Melanie Griffith at her best, and Ray Liotta is utterly convincing and terrifying as one possible consequence of living outside of convention.

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