Sunday, December 13, 2009

London Match (1986)

Completely satisfying conclusion to the Game, Set, Match trilogy by Len Deighton. All three books are sustained by twisty bouts of conversation, most of which is inconsequential but some of which reveal everything. There is very little action (i.e. gunplay) but when it comes it's perfectly written like everything else in these books. And the books are very very funny. As a stupid game for myself, I've created my dream cast for Tarantino's filmed trilogy (he's mentioned this as a possibility). Michael Fassbender as Bernard, Kate Winslet as Fiona, George Clooney as Bret Renssalaer, Michael Sheen as Dicky Cruyer, Romola Garai as Tessa, Thomas Kretschmann as Werner, Franka Potente as Zena, and Bill Nighy as either Frank Harrington or the D-G.

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  1. There's nothing stupid about making up casts for theoretical movies. Its good mental exercise.