Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Dead Girl (2006)

An interesting alternative to a police procedural. A young prostitute is killed by a serial killer, and in five standalone episodes, five woman affected by the death are shown. The first segment, in which Toni Collette plays the woman who finds the body, is by far the weakest, marred by typical indie-movie cliches. But then it gets better. Rose Byrne as a mortuary attendant who believes the murdered girl might be her sister is excellent, as is Mary Beth Hurt as the wife of the murderer.

It was a little hard to stomach watching Brittany Murphy play the corpse so soon after her own death. But in the final segment, a flashback reveals the dead girl's last few hours, and I was reminded of how good Brittany Murphy was as an actress. Unpredictable, fierce, and totally watchable.

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