Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ten Favorite Wintry Films

For the purposes of this particular list I am eliminating Holiday films.

10. Let the Right One InThis film would have been good set in Sacramento, but it was so much better that it was set in a Swedish housing development in deep winter.

9. A Simple PlanLots of bleak snowy landscapes in this tale of greed and murder.

8. The ThingSet at a research base in the Antarctica, the snow lends a great sense of isolation and dread.

7. Where Eagles Dare Allied soldiers infiltrate a Nazi alpine stronghold. The best scenes take place on the aerial Gondola.

6. The ShiningCreepiest scene in the snow ever.

5. Groundhog DayForced to relive the same snowstorm day after day after day.

4. FargoThe snow and cold are like extra characters in this. Probably the best winter thriller that will ever be made.

3. Nobody's FoolThe month of December in a bleak upstate New York town. Perfectly captures gray winter days.

2. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindBeautiful and bleak images of winter throughout this unbelievable film.

1. On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceSome of the best alpine imagery ever put on film. Great ski sequences, toboggan sequences, ice skating. A very Christmassy Bond film and my personal favorite.


  1. "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is amazing. I always felt sort of bad (not too bad I am sure he is fine) that Lazenby seemed to get some bad advice in not moving forward with the Bond franchise. Because his Bond really gets put through the ringer: not only does his wife die on their wedding day. But instead of having a romp in the hay with someone like Pussy Galore at the end of the action-after his epic ski chase down the mountain, instead of one of Savalas' babes-he gets a St. Bernard.

  2. I am super nervous to admit this, but I have not seen any of these movies. Only "the shining" in little parts because I was too scared to watch the whole thing. Looks like I'm a wintry film loser. Waa waa.

  3. Amy. Out of this bunch of films, the one I'd suggest you see right now is Groundhog Day. A very funny comedy that's surprisingly moving and deep.